Evidence that I do not fit with pop (or indie) culture America 2009 . . . the short list:

  • I don’t wear toms or crocs or sperrys.
  • My primary source of music is still CD’s and I have never used iTunes.
  • I think jeans should still be 100% cotton (not stretch) and that they should last more than a season.
  • My preferred method of communication is face-to-face conversation, not facebooking or texting or twittering.
  • I have to look up the meaning of words like rofl and btw.
  • I do not own a video game system and I have never played Wii  – actually, I miss ATARI.
  • I have NOT abandoned my evangelical roots for a faith full of unexplainable mysteries, I DO believe biblical doctrine matters, and I KNOW that Jesus came for a greater purpose than just being an example of how to love others.

~ by kentuckyfaithful on August 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “evidence”

  1. TOMS are not part of pop culture, Beth. They’re indie and hipster. And I’m a bit offended you would think other wise.

    • Well, my hipster friend, there is a growing number of people who are hopping on that indie train as well. Either way, no offense intended to all my friends who do keep up with any area of culture – just a reminder that I’ve never been hip!

  2. Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. Praise the Lord she is in no pain now and is with our Father in Heaven.

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