Some of us have been invaded by a strange visitor.  Last week, I took the picture above in a quick snap hoping to get a neat looking photo of a cicada coming out of its shell.  After I’d long passed that little creature I reviewed the result on my little digital camera and I was surprised to see what looks like the head of a little man with a gotee and sunglasses!  Thankfully I had another chance to watch the amazing transformation:

Apparently, we are being invaded by a species of cicada that only comes around every 17 years.  In the meantime they live and grow underground.  When it’s time, they burrow up to the surface, start climbing up trees or walls or weeds or anything else they find, transform out of their hard shell, mate, and die.  STRANGE!  Check out this video for a live look at these unique creatures:


~ by kentuckyfaithful on June 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “invaded!”

  1. What a creepy little bug! I thought someone painted on the face until I read what you wrote. That is the wierdest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the picture!

  2. Wow, Beth, thanks for sharing your blessing in being able to see one of these amazing bugs open. God sure keeps things interesting, now doesn’t He?

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